Pocket BLU for Mac/PC

Windows Installation Instructions

Windows System Requirements:

Note: For the Windows platform, you must have Java and Adobe Air installed in order to use pocket BLU®. If you do not have these applications, you will be prompted to install them.

Click on the link for Windows available off the pocket BLU® website. Download and run the installer. The installer will check to make sure you have Adobe Air and Java installed. If not, you can access each web site, download the appropriate applications and continue with your pocket BLU installation.

Mac Installation Instructions

Mac System Requirements:

Click on the link for Macintosh available off the pocket BLU® website. Save the installer to your hard drive and double click the DMG file to install. Follow the onscreen instructions and drag the pocket BLU folder into your Applications folder.

Remote Control

  1. Insert your pocket BLU® enabled Blu-ray™ Disc into your Internet connected Blu-ray™ player.
  2. Launch pocket BLU® on your Macintosh or PC desktop.
  3. A disc icon will appear under the 'Now Playing' section. Click 'Now Playing' and the app will display the remote and timeline.*
  4. Click the Up, Down, Left, Right, and Enter buttons to navigate through the on-screen menu options for your Blu-ray™ Disc.
  5. The buttons on the left side of the remote control the following:

Use the remote’s color keys* to control title-specific applications. *Note: Color keys are not functional on all titles.

Please note your PC or MAC must be connected on the same local network as the Blu-ray™ player. Additionally the Blu-ray™ player must be connected on the same network and be able to access the Internet. VPN Software or security software may block the PC/MAC’s ability to connect to the local Blu-ray™ player.


  1. Click a chapter thumbnail in the timeline during movie playback, and the disc will jump to that chapter.
  2. On select titles the time line will display the following kinds of data:
    1. Music title tracks appear along with the ability to jump to the track as it appears in the film and then purchase it through iTunes.
    2. Scene specific Cast, Crew, Script, and Location information.
  1. Click the “Content” icon on the far left menu column, and the content listing will slide out in the center column.
  2. All available titles will be listed alphabetically. You can scroll through the content listing by clicking and dragging the scroll bar to the right of the content listing.
  3. Filter the content by clicking any of the three filters under the content header on the far left.
    • “All” lists all titles alphabetically.
    • “Most Recent” lists titles most recently added to the content catalog.
    • “Library” will re-sort the list based on titles whose premium content has been unlocked or titles whose content has been saved and stored locally.

Unlocking Content

  1. The title listing displays a table with three categories:
    • The Lock category displays the number of pieces of content thatrequire the corresponding Blu-ray™ Disc to unlock.
    • The Gift category refers to content that is available to all users.
    • The Folder category refers to content that has been saved to your local hard drive (Note: this feature will be activated in an upcoming version).
  2. To unlock premium content for a specific title, place the pocket BLU® enabled disc for that title into your 2.0 Blu-ray™ player, and launch the pocket BLU® App on your desktop. When the application connects to the player over your local network, the disc icon appears, indicating you have unlocked the premium content, which will be added to your library.
  3. Any Gift or Unlocked content may be streamed to your device.

Accessing and Managing Content

  1. Click the “Content” icon on the far left menu column. The center column will now display the selected title listing.
  2. Click a title you wish to view and a list of available bonus content will slide out and display in the center column.
  3. Click the “Streaming” icon Stream on any thumbnail to begin streaming that content.
  4. Click any title entry in the content listing to read the Synopsis for that content. The Synopsis page offers an additional “Stream” option at the bottom of the page.

Connection Problems?

  1. If your pocket BLU® application doesn’t immediately connect to your Blu-ray™ player, it’s possible that:
    • Your Macintosh or PC may not be connected to the Internet. Resolution: Check your network connections.
    • Click here to send a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.